I’m an art director
And a Creative Director
A mentor
And student coach
It depends who’s asking
I like things to look…right
I like colour and symmetry
I’ve made TV ads, print ads and websites
I’ve also made 10,000 nickel coins and put on a live TV show
I've powered a bus on coffee
And designed my own doilies
I guess you could call me integrated
I love my job
I’ve done it at VCCP, Euro RSCG. Exposure, JWT, Wunderman Thompson.
And now Anzu*
I want my work to have a purpose
I want my work to change lives
I am willing to learn from anyone who knows something I don’t
I don’t always have the answer but I never stop looking for it
I like to keep it simple
I like people
I think they like me back
I play sports when I’m not injured
I also go to church every Sunday
I bake
And do DIY
I’m married
I have a daughter
And a son.
But Monday to Friday about 8am to 8pm
I’m an art director

*And now I'm a gamer.

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